479 – Rotom

A wild Rotom appears!!!

Originally uploaded: October 28, 2014

Also, HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Here’s a ghost Pokémon to celebrate this holiday.

I was hoping to mark this Creation as my first legendary Pokémon…but there seems to be some debate over whether he is or not. As far as I’m concerned, he is… At least in Pokémon Pearl/Diamond. Not sure if they appear randomly in other games.

This creation is made out of duct tape and cardboard.

The lightning is reinforced with cardboard to keep them stiff. I was thinking about putting the lightning in a funny position but the “normal” position won me over.

Like the lightning, the blue aura is reinforced with cardboard. The body itself was constructed through the cardboard. I have not completed the backside yet (the white portion of the lightning). I would like to get back to that at a later date.

 Fun Fact: Rotom smells like orange cream. I used Duck brand scented tapes… Not one of my favorite ideas by them but at least there are some new colors.

I guess that this puts me at 35 out of 649 now….That still sounds depressing.

Everything you see on Rotom is duct tape.

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