147 – Dratini

A wild Dratini appears!!!

his is another one of my favorites from the original games. He wasn’t very strong but when he evolves man is he something to be reckoned with.

I really feel like I may have rushed the colored parts on this one. It was hard making the tape look nice as they went around the bend of the body. Guess I can chalk it up to practice for the next form and other snake-like creatures.

I also debated on how to make his eyes, dot and ear fins for a while. I went back and forth several times until finally landing on this design. I think they came out well for going through several iterations. I do know I had a hell of a time getting the ear fins even, both in size and placement.

Dratini marks my 31st duct tape Pokémon. So close to my first milestone (50 Pokémon).

Everything you see on Dratini is duct tape.

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