101 – Electrode

Huh? Voltorb is evolving!
A wild Electrode appears!!!

It also used Self-destruct.
I need to stop making these things.

Electrode is another creation that I’m not all that happy with. I think it’s because I made him the same size as Voltorb. It just looks off to me. Electrode will be getting an update in the near future. Keep checking back for that.

Again, Electrode isn’t one of my favorites. I always seemed to run into one that knew both ‘Self-Destruct’ and ‘Explosion.’ That’s a 50% of the thing killing everything and one good reason to hate it in my book.

Fun fact: Electrode and Voltorb mark the first evolution set that I’ve completed! Electrode also marks the ninth Pok√©mon replica I made.

At least this one’s eye are not as creepy.

This Electrode is now roughly the size of a basketball. Speaking of balls…

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