094 – Gengar

A wild Gengar appears!!!

Originally Uploaded: September 10, 2010

Revised Gengar: April 6, 2013

This replica of Gengar was made for a friend and was the first replica that was over a foot of solid mass. It stands at 2 foot 3 inches tall. I have noticed, having worked on several larger replicas now (writing this in 2013), that the larger I make things the less it looks like what I want it to. I guess I just rush things after a bit. I’ve got the chance to update the look of this piece so expect a major update to the Gengar page in the near future.

He’s bigger than before, can basically stand on his own and looks like he might devour one’s soul.

Everything you see on Gengar is duct tape. I used over 200 yards of duct tape to update Gengar.

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