089 – Muk

Huh? Grimer is evolving!
A wild Muk appears!!!

This Pokemon took me 2 years to finish. This project was started back in May 2011 as a small ball of scrap duct tape. Over time it evolved into what you see here.

I normally save this bit of info for last but Muk here is made entirely out of duct tape. Entirely. This was the reason that it took so long to make. I wanted to use scrap pieces from other projects to create this behemoth. Around the end of 2012, I decided to finish the project using rolls of tape and broken projects.

This project assimilated the following projects:

  • Trogdor V1
  • The armlet and legs of my Snake Man costume
  • Millenium Rod
  • The Photon Debugger
  • My Duel Disk
  • Christmas Balls
  • An unfinished duct tape jacket
  • Metapod (I think)
  • and several rolls of tape.

If I had to guess I would say this project probably used well over 1000 yards of tape.

Here are some technical specs about this project:

  • Muk’s arm reaches about 17” high (“ = inches).
  • The main body stands about 11” high.
  • The width of the body is about 17.5”.
  • The depth of the body is about 15”.
  • He weighs about 17” (Using a bathroom scale so this is probably off). 

The light purple tape was added as an afterthought for this project. I based this project off of a Burger King Keychain. The keychain was a solid color and I only had dark purple tape at the time that I started adding color to this project.

I never intended on using the light purple for this project (mostly because of the cost and it was unavailable as I was finishing it) since I had already used dark purple. I say it would be more costly to use the lighter tape because it only comes with 10 yards per roll as opposed to the dark purple’s 20 yards per roll. Perhaps one day I’ll invert the colors (I honestly like the lighter color myself). I went with this color scheme to make him look melty.

Muk marks the 20th duct tape Pokémon that I’ve made.

Fun Fact: Muk was originally going to be Grimer. I changed it to Muk because I felt like it was getting too big.

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