081 – Magnemite

A wild Magnemite appears!!!

Originally uploaded: September 24, 2014

Magnemite took roughly 12 hours to make, broken up among four days. I started with the magnets and worked inward.

These magnets do have working magnets in them however they aren’t very strong so all of the layers of tape that I added actually prevent them from picking things up. I mean, magnets….how do they work right?

The screws are real screws that I added tape to. Well, at least the top one.

I felt that using real screws was infinitely easier that making some from scratch plus I think they give this creation a better look. I would like to find bigger ones in the long run though because I feel like these are a tad on the small side. I went with what I could find in Wal-Mart’s hardware department. Expect a Magnemite V2.0 in the future.

The body is not completely spherical. I didn’t make it spherical because: 1, I’m lazy and 2, I think it pulls the look off pretty well. From a distance anyway. Speaking of the body, I don’t know if anybody else is having this problem but my Duck brand original tape peels a few minutes after being applied. It made Magnemite’s body “bubbly” because of it. Hopefully it’s just a defective roll.

This little guy is my 32nd duct tape Pokémon.

Everything you see on Magnemite is duct tape.

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