074 – Geodude

A wild Geodude appears!!!

Originally made: March 2010

Geodude is the first Pokémon that I’ve made out of duct tape. The reason behind it was because of my “fascination” with the Burger King keychain…and by fascination, I mean I played with it a lot during class.

I decided that it would be more fun to play with the keychain, and also doodle Geodudes, instead of listening to my teacher drone on about Partial Differential Whatsits and what not. It was this fascination that lead me to want to create a Geodude out of tape.

Fun fact: Nidoking was the first Pokémon that I wanted to make. It would have been a costume, similar to my Snakeman and Cubone costumes. This was also inspired by the Burger King keychain.

It was after I made this Geodude that I decided to make the first 152 Pokémon. 152 because I’m counting Missingno…

Everything you see is duct tape.

If anyone has a Burger King Geodude keychain they’re trying to get rid of, let me know. I broke mine when I had him on my bookbag.

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