039 – Jigglypuff

A wild Jigglypuff appears!!!

Originally posted: November 26, 2014

Jigglypuff was made to celebrate the 4th installment of the Smash Bros series, which I must say is an incredible game. She’s also the 2nd normal type Pokémon that I have made (#randomfact).

Jigglypuff is not as spherical as I wanted her. When I picture one of these Pokémon I imagine a pink ball…with a head curl. At least she isn’t 2D I suppose.

I was not able to finish the back of this Pokémon back in 2014. I would have liked too but I ran out of Bubble Tape. That’s right! Duck brand made a bubble gum scented tape. That’s 8 feet of bubble tape for you! Not Jigglypuff.

Not sure why Duck is shortening their rolls of duck tape. The scented rolls are 2 ft shorter than their typical colored rolls (10 feet). Anyway, I will finish Jigglypuff as soon as I get another roll of this pink tape.

I like the way that Jigglypuff’s curl came out. I think it’s my best work on this Creation. That being said…

It’s hard to see in this picture but I have the hardest time making parts look the same. To me, half of Jigglypuff, i.e. the arms, feet and ears look great and the other looks bigger. I think I made the eyes a little too big as well. Mal says everything looks cute so it’s a win in my book.

This is the 33rd duct tape Pokémon that I have created from the Kanto region.

Everything you see on Jigglypuff is duct tape.

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