000 – Missingno.

A wild Missinno. appears!!!

Originally, I used Digital Camo style duct tape for this project because it looked like pixels. Missingno. was originally made after I started making Diglett which would mean that this is techincally the fourth Pokémon I made. However, I finished him later on so I consider him to be the 13th duct tape Pokemon.

I decided to update the color scheme a bit to make him look more unique/like his original sprite. I felt that the digital camo was just really lazy on my part. I think the new look fits him much more anyway.

Missingno. has to be one of my favorite glitches in a video game ever. For those that don’t know about the glitch…which makes me sad (mostly because it makes me feel old), the player could perform a series of tasks in Pokemon Red/Blue to fight a glitched out Pokemon which resulted in the player receiving 128 of whatever item that’s in the 6th slot of your inventory. This includes key items. Infinite Bicycles for the win!

Amazingly, that bowl of candy appeared there after I finished making him. Missingno. makes buying Halloween candy much cheaper.

Missingno. makes 13 out of 152.

Everything you see on Missingno. is duct tape.

Original Missingno.

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