Duct Tape Messenger Bag

Uploaded: March 6, 2011

This is my second attempt to make a bookbag. My first attempt was in my Junior year of highschool. I made a backpack that, unfortunately, fell apart after one day. I just had to use it on a day that I had the most books to carry. Funny story, this first attempt came out of me not finishing another project. Originally, I was going to make a T-shirt out of duct tape. The shirt looked really bulky so I decided to scrap the idea, but not the tape itself. That shirt became the bookbag.

I like to think that I learned a lot from my first attempt at a bookbag. I even reinforced the bottom of the messenger bag to ensure it wouldn't rip at the botton. The thing I didn't take into consideration this time was the strap. I should have made it more durable. My should must come to a perfect point because I snapped the strap after a couple of uses. My laptop did not survive that fall. A life lesson was learned that day.

I threw a Hyrule Castle Crest and Pokeball on the bag for a little flavor

This messenger bag was made entirely out of duct tape.
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