How-To Make a DuctileCreations Block

Last updated: January 31, 2018

Follow these 7 easy steps to create a duct tape block from scratch:

Step 1: Pick a size for your block. For example, I generally go with a 4in x 4in x 4in.

Step 2: Create a square template (I typically use cardboard) of the size you chose (Following my example from above, 4in x 4in).

Step 3: Trace the square shape on pieces of cardboard and cute them out. The amount of squares you need will vary so cut out a lot of squares to start.

Step 4: Take 4 squares and assemble them like:

Next, we're going to tape them together. Do so by taking a strip of duct tape and placing it over the gap and then fold the tape over.

Do the same for the next 2 gaps, like so:

We now have 4 connected squares. To get the box shape, you'll need to place one more piece of tape on the end:

Fold the squares into a box shape and tape the squares together:

Use and Exacto knife to get the excess tape down.

Step 5: Now that the sides are connected, place another square over one of the holes (This is now the bottom of the box). Apply tape to every edge and fold it over to secure it to the box. This gives us a box with an open top.

Step 6: Use the rest of the squares that you cut out in Step 3 and fill the box (except for one. I'll explain soon). I like to fill the box until I can't fit any more squares in. Like I mentioned earlier, the number for squares varies depending on the thickness of the cardboard. It's also an option to keep the box empty, but you're already this far so why stop now?

Step 7: Finally, take 1 more square and place it on the top of the box and tape the sides down.

After the top is on, apply tape to the entire box until the cardboard is no longer visible.

And that's how you make one of our blocks. Another approach you can take is to use and empty box since the shape is made for you. I just like to do things the hard way.
If you find any of the above steps hard to follow, you can always follow along with my video tutorial:

If you are interested in seeing how I make any of our other projects, send me an email.
Thank you everyone for your support!
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