Parappa the Rapper

June 18, 2018

I gotta do what? I gotta believe!
I have wanted to make this piece for a long time now, ever since I began making 2D pieces back in 2013. It took me 5 years to finally get to it and I'm very happy with how it turned out.
Everything was hand-drawn for this piece. The outline was drawn on a large piece of cardboard and all of the pieces that made up his clothes were hand-drawn as well. I'm really happy with how Parappa turned out; however, if I had the ability to change one thing, I would either cut the cardboard with the grains going vertically or add an additional cut-out (there's only one).
Just like I did with the Pyg mask, here is the progression of Parappa the Rapper. Apparently I like to do these progressions for things that begin with the letter "P"...
Shot 1:

Here is the cut-out of Parappa with the initial coat of tape. I like to tape up the edges before I tape up the entire piece.
Shot 2:

I did the same with the black tape.
Shot 3:

Afterwards, I covered the entire front with black tape. I decided to go with black for the entire outline. My reference pic had darker colors corresponding to the color of the article of clothing.
Shot 4:

Added the colors for his arms and face. I intentionally extended some of the parts of his hands/arms so it would look like they were hidden behind the shirt.
Shot 5:

Added his iconic hat. I extended this as well so it wouldn't be too short.
Shot 6:

Shirt was added.
Shot 7:

His shoes are now complete. I'm surprised that the white parts turned out as well as they did. I'm happy with them.
Shot 8:

His face was included.
Shot 9:

The brim of his hat was included to finish the look. Finally, the frog was added (as seen at the top)

Everything you see on Parappa is duct tape.
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