Here's a little history on why I do what I do and what led me to where I am today. If you have any questions for me please feel free to ask me at ducttapedynamo@gmail.com

    Frequently Asked Questions
  • What made you start making duct tape things?

    I remember the day pretty clearly. It was a spring day in 2003 and I was sitting at home after school looking for something to do. I found a roll of duct tape and thought to myself, "I wonder if I can make a wallet with tape." I wasn't all that familiar with duct tape art and I wasn't aware that there were people out there that were already working on their own projects. Well, long story short, I made the wallet and soon after that I began to make other things. Testing the limits of my mind.
  • Why duct tape?

    I was a pretty weird kid in high school. I was always looking for a way to stand out from the crowd. So when I found that roll of duct tape I thought to myself, "No one that I know uses duct tape accesories. I'm going to make a wallet." So I did. I guess the rest is history from there.
  • Have you sold any of your work?

    Yes I have. In fact, you can see what is currently available online at my Etsy store: My Store
  • Why didn't you use <insert color here> color for a certain project?

    I am currently limited by the color tapes that Duck® and 3M manufacture. I'm hoping that they make a variety of colors from the color spectrum but they really seem to be focusing on random patterns. This ties in to the next question I always hear...
  • Why don't you just paint or use markers to get the desired color?

    I hear this one all the time. Paint has a tendency to begin chipping off of duct tape after it dries and Sharpies don't work on tape because the ink rubs off.
  • What?

All sculptures, amigurumi, and Perler figures made on this site are made by Jeremy and Mallory Hill, unless otherwise noted.
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